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James Allen just said a Formula 1 jack costs £250,000 pounds!

Holly Crap. I knew Forumula 1 was an expensive sport but when experienced F1 commentator James Allen was discussing pit stops at last weeks season opening race in Melbourne Australia, he asked his co-host Mark Howard (Howie) how much he thought the front jack cost to manufacture. Now, I understand this piece of kit is a little more hi-tech than the one in the boot of your average family car, but after all, it's only job is to lift the front of the F1 car for about 2.4 seconds so the tyres can be changed.

So how much is this little wonder? Not £2,500 as Howie suggested,  but freaking £250,000! As James points out, the jack cost the same as a fully loaded Ferrari. 


 That's expensive!